Your Support

All individuals thereby enlightned by the brief tour through this Vedic Heritage are hence appealed to benevolently contribute to sustain the effort to preserve this Vedic History of the ultimate universe and ours. The trust has been promoting all its activities through the donations received from the Great Individuals,Philanthropists,Businessmen,Industrialists and General public.The donations are exempted under Section 80-G of Income tax Act,1961.

The Trust has formulated a scheme to the donors which will enable them to involve their participation in vedic promotion and God`s service as under.

Your Contribution may be towards

Rs 1,00,000.00 Students Accommodation
Rs 4,00,000.00 Ancillary blocks

Veda padashala Sponsership programme

Full day expenses for the students,Pooja & Student santharpani Rs 500
For Morning Pooja Rs 250
For Breakfast to students Rs 200
For one day permanent sponsership Rs 5,000

Corpus Donations for Pooja & santharpanai

Donations Rs 5,000/ is accepted towards corpus of Trust.The interest accuring from the amount will be utilised towards the Pooja & Veda patashala expenses, which will be spent on any day of your choice.

You are requested to write your Date of occation,Name , Natchatram,and Gothram.

Futher details and applications kindly mail to us