Future Plans of Vedapadasala

Browsing through this Vedic extravanganza arouses the holy spirits of every individual that obviously explains the need for the inception of the JAGATHGURU SRI JAYENDRA SARASWATHI TRUST, initiated by the late founder Chairman cavalier Dr.G.K.Devarajulu and the Family of Shri Ravi Sam with the ascetic blessing of Acharya of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam in the year 1981, with an ambition to resuscitate the deteriorated Vedic culture.

The trust is patronized by able and benignant individuals, business houses and Philanthropists will efficiently managed this trust,rendering their services as to oversee the day to day progress.

The course of development for Vedapatashala and the Adjoining Goddess Annapoorneswari Temple progress with the construction of :