Annapoorne sadhapoorne shankara prana vallabha
Gna vairagya sidhyartham bhiksham dheheacha parvathy
mathaacha parvathy devi pita devo maheswaraha
badhvahshiva bhakthashcha swadesho bhuvanathrayam.

Shrimath payo Nithi nikeathana,chakra pane
Bogeendra boge manirajitha punyamoorthe
yogeecha shasvatha saranya bhavapthipoda
Lakshmi Narasimha mam dehi karavalambam.



The Padashala not only is a centre of teaching Vedas and other ancillary subjects.The temple in its midst is a oasis of peace and calm in the hustle and bustle of the city.It provides the much needed solace to the hectic life of the people of this Industrial city. At Veda patashala,Vedic knowledge being imparted at one side and Goddess Annapoorneswari and Lord Yoga Narasimha showering the blessings on the devotees on the other side.

The worship of god in the form of mother - is a prominent feature of Hinduism,since motherhood of god calls for a caring character denoting tenderness and forgivingness, Hindu Dharma worships the supreme reality in the form of Mother, ultimately offering a unique reverence to womanhood. A true appeal to her by a devotee, worshiping God as a divine Mother unites the devotee with tenderness and unconditional love of the almighty as a child to its mother, safe, secure in her divine lap. The divine energy, omnipotence, omnipresence, love, intelligence and wisdom are the vital constituencies of divine mother. Annapoorneswari, the divine mother of universe inclines to feed her children without grudge or bias, hence keeping high, their spiritual liberations by inducing Atma Gnana (The self Knowledge) to each.

It is felt that all DARIDRAS (Misfortunes)are wiped out and AISHWARYAM (Prosperity)flourish at the holy premises of Goddess Annapoorneswari Hence providing congenial atmosphere of veneration and teaching to co-exist. The divine"SHE" has her holy shrines at Varanasi and Kanchi,the places which were believed to have been severely struck by famine and Divine Goddess had inclined to ease out the drought and bring in prosperity.

Abiding to the requests of the devotees, a beautiful shrine for Lord Yoga Narasimha has been erected. Lord Narasimha is considered as BHAKTANUGRAHA AND SHATRU SAMHARA MOORTHY (Destroyer of all enemies of mankind like kama,krotha, loba,moga madhamatscharyam) .This shrine of the almighty, represented as BHAKTANUGRAHA MOORTHY [Fulfiller of the desires of his Devotees] is inhabited by perennial chants from Shrimadbagavatham and Narayaneeyam, the chanting of which protects the devotees of all the enemies of mankind.


Kattalai Amount
Permanent Puja Kattalai Rs 5000.00
Padashala sandharpanai Rs 500.00
Pushpa Alangaram Rs 500.00
Breakfast for padashala Rs 200.00
Abishega Alangaram Rs 250.00
Ganapathi Homam Rs 150.00
Devi Mahatmiya Parayanam Rs 250.00
Pradosha Abhishekam Rs 250.00
Ekadesi Abisheka Rs 250.00

Dwadesi lunch for Vedic students,Narayaneeyam group and General public(includes Narayaneeyam chanting, pooja and dakshina Rs 7500.00

For Permanant Pojakattalai interest of a year will be spent on any day of your choice